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How should you prepare yourself for LASH EXTENSIONS appointment?

OK, so you booked your appointment for Full Set of Eyelash Extensions. You never had them done before and you slowly start freaking out because you dont know what to expect and how to prepare ?

I got you!

First thing first - RELAX. there is nothing to be afraid about and not much you have to do before you come in.

The most important thing is to trust me and the process.

what you can do on your part is to come in for your appointment with no makeup and contact lenses on. Second, please avoid drinking caffeinated or alcohol drinks for at least 3h before appointment. If you do, it will make your eyes twitch and it will be impossible for me to apply extensions on.

If you get cold easily, bring a sweater or a blanket. My lash bed is heated but I have no control over the A/C and it may not be enough.

Be prepared to lay down with your eyes closed for anytime between 1.30h-2h. If you are claustrophobic it may be difficult for you, so please make sure to let me know about it.

Be aware that you cant make your eyelashes wet for 24-48h. I recommend to take a shower and wash your hair before you come in and plan your events accordingly.

Please schedule any work/family calls before or after your lash appointment. I highly advise to not talk during application, to decrease any potential irritation or allergic reaction caused by adhesive fumes.

Please let me know if you ever had any allergic reactions for eyelash extensions adhesive, skin care or makeup in past. I would recommend to schedule FREE consultation for glue patch test, just to make sure you are not sensitive or allergic. Also I can recommend you few products which may help with mild irritations so you can purchase them online and be prepared for any possibility.

The most important is - you can always contact me if you are not sure about something or if you have any questions.

I hope to see you soon! There is nothing better than fresh set of lashes, Summer is coming - FORGET ABOUT MASCARA!


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