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What products I recommend for Lash Extensions users?

Being in Lash industry for so long (almost 10 years now!) made me think about products that I always keep recommending to my clients. Some of them can really help you prolong your infill needs.

Let's start with aftercare. So obviously the best lash cleanser is the one available at Kamila Beauty Studio. It's a foam specially formulated to clean your extensions without damaging my hard work lol . The most important is that is oil free and very safe for your eyes.

What I also love to recommend is Lash Serum/Conditioner. I work with Revitalash from years now and I saw how consistent usage can help regrow and thicken natural lashes. The more natural lashes you have, the more extensions can be applied. Revitalash and Brow serums are available at Kamila Beauty Studio (shipping available as well!)

Next thing are supplements. I genuinely believe that taking supplements makes humongous difference with hair (lash & brow) growth. These 2 are my favorite and have the best combination of ingredients:

Another thing I highly recommend as a help with keeping your lash extensions nice and fluffy is designed for face or side sleepers. You may consider to use it if you don't want to loose your outer corner lashes too fast. Here is the link:

Also what's great not only for eyelash extensions but for your skin as well is this pillow. It will prevent you from sleeping on your face and let you avoid wrinkles and keep your extensions in place.

There is much much more products I tested and really love because they work. But I need to keep some in secret at least till you come in for your appointment :P



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